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Why use Simply CRM?

At Simply CRM, we built a unique solution that allows real estate agents to stay up to date with all their contacts and leads. Through the entire sales cycle, our real estate CRM helps you provide a personalized experience to each and every client. Record all their data in a comprehensive overview and stay up to date with all real estate activities.

Best of all? You can take Simply CRM with you wherever you go. Our mobile app lets your agents access the complete history of each prospect during meetings, appointments and even negotiations.

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Visualise all the important data

When you’re managing a high number of properties and clients, it’s often hard to get a quick overview of the most important data. With the Simply real estate CRM, you can forget about lengthy textual reports.

Organize all your data in transparent and easy to understand graphs and pipelines. Follow each stage of the deal and track every milestone with our project management tools. Analyze prospects, forecast sales and get real-time insights.

Focus on what matters - your clients

Our real estate CRM comes with powerful workflows and automation capabilities. Forget about manual and time-consuming tasks such as invoicing and marketing campaigns. Let us automate your billing process, send personalized follow-ups and deliver property materials.

Simply CRM helps your agents focus on what matters the most - your clients.

Nurture leads and manage contacts

Staying in touch with promising leads can be a real challenge when you’re managing hundreds of contacts. Meanwhile, a single lost prospect can mean thousands of dollars of lost profit. A business that doesn’t use its opportunities cannot survive in the modern real estate market. Our real estate CRM helps you propel your business to success, by retaining and nurturing leads in all sales stages through a detailed customer database.

Stop relying on your agents to remember everything. Let Simply remind you of important dates, appointments and deals.

Get real-time insights and analytics

In the competitive real estate market, no business can succeed without data. However, the crucial data is often lost in a clutter of unnecessary information. Simply CRM filters out the noise and helps you find the most important metrics.

Our powerful reporting features also allow you to make decisions based on your key performance indicators and metrics. Meet your sales quotas and get the most of each deal with real-time insights and analytics from Simply CRM.

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Beat your competition and go mobile

You can have all the data in the world, but if it’s not available in crucial moments, it serves little purpose. Simply CRM solves this problem with our Android and iOS mobile apps that let you bring your data with you, wherever you go.

Our apps automatically sync with the real estate CRM and provide you with the latest data on all properties and clients. Make data-based decisions on the spot and stay ahead of your competitors by adopting mobile technology.

Manage your entire business from a single dashboard

Real estate agencies often rely on a variety of programs and apps to manage their company. With Simply CRM, you can integrate all your systems within a single dashboard. Capture leads from different sources and manage your website or email data from our real estate CRM.

Choose from 20+ integrations and create a comprehensive dashboard with everything that you need on a single page.

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