The price is also simple

Our mission is to make it easier to do business. This also applies to the price - so there is only one: The cheapest, which includes all our standard modules.

All modules included

25 $

per user /

Including all standard modules and functionalities - without restrictions.

Questions and answers

How do I get started?

You can create a trial version of Simply for free and without binding of price, and here you will instantly access your own version of the full CRM system, and you can now try how it works. Your access lasts for 30 days, and the data and processes you create in the system can easily be transitioned to a paid version of Simply.

Can Simply be used for anything other than sales?

Yes, our focus is on many different industries, and the system can be customized to exactly what you need. We have a number of companies with sales processes, but also many member associations and quota-charging companies.

What do I bind to?

You do not bind yourself by trying the system for 30 days, which is why you can create yourself without a credit card.

Can Simply Integrate With My Other Systems?

Simply a very flexible system, and basically there is nothing we can not integrate with – for example, we have standard integrations for Mailchimp and E-conomic.

However, some integrations can become very complex and thus expensive, and in those cases we are also available to advise you on alternative solutions.

Can you help me get started?

All Simply platform customers get help getting started – it may be possible to process processes, tailor the system to your needs or integrate with an accounting system. As a new customer, you have 2 hours of free support in that direction, and you can always buy additional hours at low price.

All my data is in another system, what about them?

We help to import your data into the system as part of the two-hour free consultant assistance that all new customers receive. In some cases, we just need to show you how to do yourself, while in other cases we also help get the data out of the other systems or your old Excel sheets – that’s something we find out in common.

Are my data safe with you?

Your data is incredibly important to us and therefore our systems take backup in many different ranges and to different locations in the world.