Simply CRM integrates with almost anything

With a highly diverse set of integrations, and a strong technological platform Simply facilitates your success and growth. Connect instantly to your business software and integrate your favorite apps to automate your work and optimize productivity.

Featured Integrations

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Simply CRM is for all sorts of users, from freelancers to startups and large corporations, thanks to our cutting-edge software. Simply guarantees the seamless operation of a multitude of integrations and gives the opportunity to integrate almost anything, enabling your business to realize its full potential.

Frequent software integrations
supported by Simply CRM

Simply CRM can also integrate to hundreds of software or anything that supports Zapier. The list below includes our most often used software to CRM integrations. If you have a question or request about a specific integration feel free to reach out to us.

Mail & Calendar

Simply CRM is your way to move forward with simplifying and automating your mailing process with some easy-to-use Mail and Calendar integrations.


Simply integrates with Outlook and transfers all your important sales data


Our Mailchimp CRM integration is designed to filter and segment email campaigns


Send transactional emails via Mandrill’s email gateway from within Simply CRM


Create and update leads, opportunities, people and companies directly from Gmail


Send automated emails in Simply CRM via your SendGrid email gateway

ERP & Finance

Now, it’s simpler than ever to manage your contacts, accounting, and financing using Simply CRM to set up integration with almost any ERP and accounting software.


Simply integrates with Billy to provide you with the most simple online accounting solution.


This integration provides you with a clear overview of your financial activity, payment history, receipts
and much more.

Microsoft Dynamics

Easily transfer contacts, leads and account records between these platform


Streamline and automate your accounting business


Combine Simply CRM with E-conomic to create a powerful and customizable platform for all your business needs.


Integrate Quickbooks into Simply CRM to import your accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, and invoicing data.


Combine Quickbooks and Simply CRM on the cloud and import your accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, and invoicing data.


It is one of the world’s leading ERP software. Integrate Simply with Sage for better HRM, accounting, and payment solutions.


Integrate Reviso with Simply CRM and manage your accounting in the easiest way. Reviso helps SMEs in accounting and invoicing.


Integrate Fortnox bookkeeping software with Simply CRM and handle accounting effortlessly for businesses from small to enterprise-level.


Integrate Visma into Simply CRM and simplify core business processes to automate tasks including accounting, HRM and payroll, invoicing, e-government, and more.


With Uniconta’s integration into Simply CRM, create workflows that can be used to track finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics.


A user-friendly system allowing a full overview of your finances. Integrating Tripletex into Simply CRM, make tasks like accounting, payment, and invoicing faster and easier.


PowerOffice is one of the most popular ERPs. It is easy to integrate into Simply CRM and synchronize customer, product lines, and other data.

Communication & Socials

Simply integrate social media apps and telephony tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twilio to nurture and manage your contacts and simplify messaging.

PBX Manager

Nurture your sales cycle via functionalities like single click calling, recording, receiving client calls from Simply CRM


Integrate your Skype contacts, and make & receive phone calls directly from Simply CRM.


Integrate Twilio into Simply CRM and make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages from your contacts directly.


Integrate WhatsApp into Simply CRM and make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages from your contacts directly.

Google Meet

Combine Simply CRM with Google Meet to manage and schedule your meetings.


This CRM integration with Flexfone provides you with a direct way of finding customer information.


Integrate Facebook with Simply CRM for better communication and engagement with leads.


This CRM integration provides sales reps the power to engage and respond with perfect timing and personalized messages.


This CRM integration will allow you to manage incoming and outgoing calls as well as emails, and chats in an organized manner.


A secure and easy-to-use SMS platform for all your marketing campaigns and transactional messages. Integrates to Simply CRM via Webhook.


This integration with Simply CRM promises flexible communication for your business.


With Zapier’s Salesmsg integration, connect your Salesmsg with Simply CRM and make two-way text messaging with customers faster.

Simply Voice

This CRM integration provides a voice recording service for faster communication and backup records in Simply.


Combine Simply with MobiKOM for fast and smooth customer management.

E-commerce & Lead Generation

Increase your productivity by using Simply CRM to make e-commerce and lead generation a simple automated process while you work on taking your company to the next level.


A software all salespeople need for a personalized sales experience. Integrate Vainu with Simply in no time.


Follow up with online shoppers & run high-converting, cross-channel campaigns


Get Customer, Management, Intelligent Workflows, Powerful Web Engagement & lot more


Combine Lasso with Simply to help capture, follow up, engage and convert prospects into home buyers.


Integrate Simply CRM with LeadInfo to have an overlook of your hottest leads.


Make every visitor a lead by integrating Simply CRM with Leadfeeder.

CMS Software

Integrate simply any CMS software on the market with Simply CRM so you can avoid all that tedious manual work and automate more.


Integrate the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress with Simply CRM to smoothly import data without wasting time on manual work.


Integrating Simply with Wix makes managing clients and drawing in data a lot easier.


This CMS integration with Simply CRM helps to manage your customer data as well as website information simply with a single software.


This integration will automatically transfer your data to Simply and make it easier and less time consuming to manage and synchronize.


Work smarter instead of harder. Synchronize and manage all your CMS data with Simply CRM-Shopify integration.

Progress Sitefinity

Save time and energy with automations rather than manual work with this CMS to Simply CRM integration.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Take your business to the next level and manage all your data with this Simply CRM integration.


Weebly is an easy to use website builder that smoothly integrates with Simply CRM so you can have all your data at hand in a matter of seconds.


This integration allows you to easily manage your data through a set of modules instead of spending hours with manual work.


Blogger is a blog-publishing CMS that can be integrated with Simply in a matter of seconds and make data management a piece of cake.

Other Integrations

Find dozens of other software that is here to integrate and make heavy-load jobs easy and simple for you.

PBX Manager

Nurture your sales cycle via functionalities like single click calling, recording, receiving client calls from Simply CRM


SnapEngage easily integrates with Simply and our existing workflows and helps you get your job done

Google Apps

Simply integrates with your favorite Google Apps to save you time


A dashboard software that combines KPI visualization, gamification, and coaching tools in one solution. Monitor your company’s growth and reach target goals with this Simply CRM integration.


Send and sign documents online with legally binding electronic signatures. Signaturit easily integrates into Simply CRM via Zapier.


Asterisk’s integration with Simply CRM will provide you the ability to manage your customers directly.

HR Manager

Integrate HR Manager into Simply CRM to manage the selection and recruitment process simply and fast.