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E-conomic CRM

Combine Simply CRM with E-conomic to create a powerful and customizable platform for all your business needs.

What makes Simply the best CRM for E-conomic?

Through our partnership with E-conomic, we have developed the ultimate solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide a clear, easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage all your transactions from a single dashboard.

What we offer

Full integration

We provide you with a seamless integration of all E-conomic features in Simply CRM. Our system provides a clear overview of all accounting information from E-conomic. Share your accounting data quicker than ever before.

Real time synchronization

Stay up to date with the latest transactions, incomes and expenses at all times. Plan your budgets using our real time synchronization with instant updates on your funds. Stop wasting time re-entering inconsistent data and let Simply sync your information.

Two-way data exchange

Prefer to use E-conomic for accounting and Simply CRM for project management? No problem. Enable our two-way data exchange and view all the financial data on both platforms.

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Automated invoicing

Simply CRM allows you to automatically generate invoices for deals marked as closed, saving precious time and streamlining the payment process. Forget about pesky invoicing errors - Simply has you covered.

Insights and reports

Explore our detailed analytics, custom insights and reports to get a better understanding of your financial data and forecasts.

GDPR compliance

Our system follows the GDPR guidelines and ensures complete data privacy and security. Learn more about our privacy policy.

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How Simply CRM and E-conomic help your business

When combined, Simply CRM and E-conomic provide you with all the tools you need to manage your business, generate more sales and satisfy more customers. Follow our guides and you can increase your profits by 20% in just two days!

Stop losing leads and clients

With our system, you can track your leads, estimate potential sales and monitor all purchases. Convert your leads into clients with a single click.

Get to know your customers

View all customer data, including communication history, purchases and behavior, in a single dashboard. Create custom offers for every customer.

Provide better support

Integrating a variety of support channels into a single system allows you to better understand your customers and their needs. Become a leader in customer support.

Automate your business

Set up Simply CRM workflows to automate sales orders, invoices and inventory management. You can even create custom automations to handle a variety of day-to-day tasks.

Learn how to grow your profit by 20% in 2 days

Combine Simply CRM with E-conomic to create a powerful and customizable platform for all your business needs.

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