The most powerful CRM for Dinero

Simply CRM integrates with Dinero and allows your accounting to run perfectly.

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Easy and Effective

Simply is easy to use and it is fully integrated with Dinero.

Simple Accounting Solution

A simple accounting solution including sales, marketing, support, projects, invoicing - and more!

Keep up to date with all your accounting figures

Constant overview of income, expenses, profit, upcoming payment, VAT due

Send an invoice in less than 2 minutes

Easily create, send and post invoices from Simply to Dinero.

Dedicated support

Signing up to Simply CRM allows you to set it up and use Dinero for free and receive a free 24/7 local language support.

Send offers

Create and send offers to your customers.

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  • This is where you and your coworkers will access your Simply CRM.
Alexander at Simply CRM

No task or customer is forgotten

“Our choice was unanimously Simply CRM. It is both easier and quicker than what we have otherwise looked at. We spend less time getting an overview so that no task or possible client is forgotten.”
Alexander Kjærum
Portaplay at Simply CRM

Easy and quick to work with

Simply CRM is exactly that – Simple! We are happy to work with it every day, and can clearly feel it helping us in our daily tasks. That their support is so quick and good at answering us, is just an added benefit.”
Hans Skovfoged
Creative Director