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Simply CRM vs Salesforce at a glance

Starting price
$12 monthly per user
$12 monthly per user
Highest plan
$39 monthly per user
$300 per user
Free trial
30 days
14 days
Free support
Phone system
Contact management
Sales prospecting
Custom sales activities
Custom reports and analytics
Advanced email activities

5 reasons to choose Simply CRM over Salesforce

Instant setup

Simply CRM offers a simple, beginner-friendly interface that will help your team adopt the system more easily.

If you happen to have any problems, our support team is ready to help throught chat, email or phone. In case you prefer to be left alone, you can browse our extensive knowledge base for in-depth guides on each 
available feature.

Get the best CRM experience at your own terms.

Comprehensive dashboard

Forget about switching between different apps and tabs throughout the day.

Simply CRM lets you create a comprehensive dashboard that contains all the important data for your employees. Customize everything according to your own needs.

If you’re managing a business, Simply CRM will always keep you up to date and inform you about what your team is doing.

Extensive automation

For Simply CRM, manual data entry is a thing of the past.

Use one of our many predefined workflows or define your own workflows to automate all data entry tasks. Let your salespeople focus on selling and let us handle your data processing needs.

Help your team work better and smarter. Improve their productivity with Simply CRM today.

Transparent picking

Unlike Salesforce, Simply CRM offers a transparent pricing model without any limits or requirements. Forget about paying extra for new features or integrations.

With Simply CRM, you get everything you need at one affordable price.

Real support from real people

Need someone to talk about a problem? Contact our 24/7 support and receive a personal reply from one of our many support agents, who offer help in a variety of local languages.

Stop talking with bots and fake people.

Pipeline and integrations

Unlike Zendesk, Simply CRM offers you Multiple Pipelines. You also don’t have to pay additional costs for Google Drive Integration. The best of all is that you can access Simply CRM in Gmail without switching.

Multiple pipelines
Access CRM in Gmail
Google Drive integration

Contact Management

Both Simply CRM and Zendesk Sell offer managing contacts, accounts, and deals but what is the difference?
Simply allows you to create custom sells activities that your business may need. Zendesk Sell doesn’t offer this feature.

Manage leads, contacts, accounts, deals
Custom sales activities

Email Management

Both Simply CRM and Microsoft Dynamics offer an email management system. Simply CRM allows you to integrate any email provider (Gmail, Outlook, and others) with the CRM system so you can access your emails without having to switch applications. When you connect your mailbox, emails are synced to your Simply inbox and are automatically linked to relevant records. In Microsoft Dynamics, the native email integration is with Outlook. If you’re not an Outlook user, integrating your email is available only through server-side sync. You can’t sync contacts, tasks and appointments.

Send sales campaigns
View into email awaiting responses
Real-time email alerts
Schedule emails
Unlimited templates


While both Zendesk and Simply CRM allow you to create reports and dashboards, Simply gives you the opportunity to create reports using data across all modules.Once done just export it as a CSV or a PDF file and enjoy checking your reports.

Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross-module reports
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Simply CRM from day one.

Free email, phone and chat support

Help your team work better and smarter. Improve their productivity with Simply CRM today.

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industry authorities

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