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Why Simply CRM is a better alternative to Insightly?


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We focus on the features you need

Insightly CRM offers its robust sales & marketing features for a really heavy price. Why paying so much more when you can have all the features you need in Simply CRM? Simply CRM has all the features that a business will need to run successfully and sell more. Also, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

5 reasons why Simply CRM is the
best alternative to Insightly CRM

Better sales and Marketing Automation

With Simply CRM you skip the frustration part of learning how to use a tool instead of skyrocketing your business.

We have created an intuitive, simple and visually compelling interface that anyone can set up an use instantly. Microsoft Dynamics’ s implementation process requires lots of customization before you can get selling.

Less is more

When it comes to choosing the right CRM, less is more. Simply CRM is an all-in-one SaaS CRM that comes with the features you need. These features need to help you improve performance and reach full business potential. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics, Simply CRM comes with email, phone, user behavior analytics, sales reporting and analytics, sales campaigns, workflows, and many other features that you won’t need to search for once you sign up for a CRM.

An extraordinary support
from real people

Unlike Microsoft Dynamics, Simply CRM offers multilingual support in a variety of languages.You will get 24/7 free technical help from our team of experts, available through phone, email, chat, text and social media.

Our Customer success team is designed to help you fulfill your business goals and increase your sales.

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Fair and reasonable pricing

Insightly CRM is mainly used by the construction industry. While designing Simply CRM, we made sure that every industry can make the best out of our CRM.

Features yo won’t get it
with Insightly

  • Multi-language support
  • E-conomic integration
  • Dinero and Billy integration
  • G-Suite integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • WordPress integration

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How Simply CRM stacks up against HubSpot CRM?

Let’s compare some of the features

Professional Record Management

Both Simply CRM and Insightly provide unlimited users in the free plan. But Simply CRM is giving you unlimited record storage across all plans. Simply also allows you to customize your modules by renaming them to suit your needs. You may refer to contacts as customers or accounts based on your industry. You can use filters and custom views too.

Manage leads, contacts, accounts, and deals
Unlimited record storage
Renaming existing module

Contact Management

Both Simply CRM and Insightly offer managing contacts, accounts, and deals but what is the difference?
Simply allows you to customize your CRM as your business expands across geography, business size, or product lines by creating sales territories. You can get these feature from Insightly but for a heavy price.

Manage contacts, accounts and deals
Auto-enrich profiles
Create sales territories
Assignment rules
Custom sales activities

Email Management

Both Simply CRM and Zoho offer an email management system. Simply CRM allows you to integrate any email provider (Gmail, Outlook, and others) with the CRM system so you can access your emails without having to switch applications. When you connect your mailbox, emails are synced to your Simply inbox and are automatically linked to relevant records. The user interface to send emails, integrate Gmail (or integration with other email clients), create personalized email templates, schedule bulk emails, track email open and click responses, is a lot easier in Simply CRM.

Send sales campaigns
View emails awaiting response
Track and schedule emails

Analytics and reports

While both Insightly and Simply CRM allow you to create reports and dashboards, Simply gives you the flexibility to create reports using data across all modules and schedule it to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals. Simply CRM also allows you to create reports using data across all modules, export it as a CSV or a PDF file, and even schedule it to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.

Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross-module reporting
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Simply CRM from day one. Insightly will charge you for this.

Free email, phone and chat support

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