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All you need for a
perfect start with CRM
Startups &
small businesses

$ 15

per user / month,
billed annually


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  • Dashboards
    Simply CRM allows you to create custom dashboards with the data that’s most important to you.
  • Lead management
    Lead management lets you follow your prospects and their journeys through the sales cycle.
  • Contact management
    Import your contacts, organize them into groups, associate them with other records and remain in touch with everyone.
  • Organisation management
    Import your organizations (institutions, companies or groups) and manage them directly from your Simply CRM dashboard.
  • Opportunities & deals
    Compile your opportunities, associate them with the most relevant data and craft custom deals for your best prospects.
  • Visual pipeline
    Get to know each customer and follow their journey through easy-to-understand graphs and charts.
  • Mobile app
    On the go? No problem! Make your company’s work more flexible and remain available to your customers 24/7 with the Simply CRM mobile app.
  • 24/7 support
    Reach out to us through live chat, phone or email. We’re available non-stop and we’re more than happy to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Professional MOST POPULAR

Full sales management, teams,
financials & reporting

$ 22

per user / month,
billed annually


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Everything in Starter plan, plus much more:
  • Invoices & quotes
    Simply CRM lets you provide custom quotes and create invoices to match your sales offers. Streamlines your invoicing with automatic payments.
  • Sales orders
    Produce sales orders and automatically update your inventory whenever you make a sale.
  • Products & services
    Products & services modules let you organize your company’s offers by developing a clear structure of products and services on sale.
  • Price books
    Book in which the normal prices of an item are listed for all suppliers.
  • Service contracts
    After making a sale, service contracts allow you to quickly define the relationship between your company and your clients.
  • Purchase orders
    Purchase orders allow you to manage your suppliers and quickly update your inventory.
  • Vendor management
    Simply CRM lets you create a dashboard to manage your vendors and better understand your supply and demand.
  • Campaigns
    Follow the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns through powerful graphs and dashboards. Helps you optimize your expenses.
  • Projects
    Projects let you organize your tasks and assignments into groups, assign priority levels and manage your work processes.
  • Webforms
    Simply webforms allow you to create compelling forms for your landing pages. Gather your client’s information quickly & efficiently.
  • Helpdesk & support tickets
    The built-in helpdesk and support tickets allow you to discuss and resolve each customer problem from your Simply CRM dashboard.
  • FAQ's
    Create a database of frequently asked questions to provide quick & easy support for your clients.
  • Full reporting
    Our reporting feature gathers all your data in comprehensive reports to facilitate data-driven decision making within your companies.
  • Advanced permissions & user profiles
    Set up custom access rights to determine who can access what content within your Simply dashboard.
  • Email integration
    Simply CRM integrates with the most popular email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many others.
  • Automation
    Our automation features allow you to set up workflows to automate monotonous & repetitive tasks such as customer onboarding and billing processes.
  • Workflows
    Workflows allow you to create custom work processes that will be executed automatically, once the conditions are met.
  • Basic integrations
    Simply CRM integrates with a variety of systems, including G Suite, WordPress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, and many others.


Deep integration, customized
processes & automation

$ 41

per user / month,
billed annually


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Everything in Professional plan, plus much more:
  • Behavior prediction (AI)
    Use our powerful AI technology to predict the behavior of your customers and customize your approach to each individual client.
  • Custom buttons & layouts
    As a fully flexible system, Simply CRM allows you to customize the appearance of buttons, layouts and overviews within your dashboard.
  • ERP integrations
    Incorporate your ERP data within Simply CRM or vice versa to create a comprehensive overview of your company’s data.
  • VOIP telephony
    Simply CRM supports VOIP telephony, allowing you to send and receive voice messages directly from your dashboard.
  • API integrations
    If you need to customize your system and add new features, you can use APIs to connect your Simply CRM dashboard with a variety of apps and programs.


Do you need a fully custom module or integration?

We can solve most business requirements, even the more complicated ones.

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* All prices are excluding VAT

All plans include

GDPR Compliant
US & EU data centers
Apple + Android mobile apps
A ton of apps & integrations
Open API
24/7 support (chat & email)

Minimize efforts and save time

“Very Easy to use and simple to collaborate via. Simply CRM helped us to grow our business by optimizing the processes and minimizing the efforts and hence saving time. Works great in business development, sales and client management.”

Dave Cornblum

CEO at Blaster Web

Improved productivity

“Exceptional simplicity and superb performance. Simply CRM has provided solutions to all our existing business problems. Highly recommended if you are a business with many stakeholders. Overall, It has improved productivity.”

Luca Marcess

founder of Beautifeye

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can create a trial version of Simply for free and without binding of price, and here you will instantly access your own version of the full CRM system, and you can now try how it works. Your access lasts for 30 days, and the data and processes you create in the system can easily be transitioned to a paid version of Simply.

Can Simply be used for anything other than sales?

Yes, our focus is on many different industries, and the system can be customized to exactly what you need. We have a number of companies with sales processes, but also many member associations and quota-charging companies.

What do I bind to?

You do not bind yourself by trying the system for 30 days, which is why you can create yourself without a credit card.

Can Simply Integrate With My Other Systems?

Simply a very flexible system, and basically there is nothing we can not integrate with – for example, we have standard integrations for Mailchimp and E-conomic.

However, some integrations can become very complex and thus expensive, and in those cases we are also available to advise you on alternative solutions.

Can you help me get started?

All Simply platform customers get help getting started – it may be possible to process processes, tailor the system to your needs or integrate with an accounting system. As a new customer, you have 2 hours of free support in that direction, and you can always buy additional hours at low price.

All my data is in another system, what about them?

We help to import your data into the system as part of the two-hour free consultant assistance that all new customers receive. In some cases, we just need to show you how to do yourself, while in other cases we also help get the data out of the other systems or your old Excel sheets – that’s something we find out in common.

Are my data safe with you?

Your data is incredibly important to us and therefore our systems take backup in many different ranges and to different locations in the world.

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