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Integrates with your Email and Calendar

  • Integrates with all popular emails and calendars
  • Add events to your (and customers!) calendar
  • Send emails from your email address inside Simply


Get full customer overview

  • Check who had the last dialogue – and what it was about
  • See related Events, Calls, Emails, Documents, etc.
  • Actionable: What is the next action on this customer?


CRM made visual

  • Dashboards
  • GANTT charts for projects
  • Visual Pipeline (KANBAN) for sales & processes


24/7 local support

  • Support in your local language
  • Available 24 / 7 – all year round
  • Fanatical support – and of course free!

Everything Included
& No Hidden costs

Simply CRM is full of features that help you prioritize deals,
track performance and predict revenue


Create Leads, Customers & Opportunities to fill (and predict) your funnel!

Project Management

Manage projects with tasks, milestones & visual overview. Never miss a deadline again!


Efficiently handle customer support tickets, service contracts & subscriptions


Create Vendors, Products, Sales Orders & Invoices. Also integrates to existing ERP's

Reduced organizational cost

“The ideal case for us was to work with a CRM system that can not only help us accomplish our business goals but at the same time to reduce the organizational cost and automate most of the operations. Simply has fulfilled it and delivered more than our expectations.”

Leslee Freitas

Project Engineer at Skylift

Managing sales team easily

“Our sales team is able to track opportunities and view sales funnel, reports, Gantt charts, visual insights, etc. Managing my sales team easily – superb CRM. I can definitely recommend it.”

Robert Brown

Sales manager at Graybar

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Simply CRM integrates with
your existing systems

Simply CRM is already integrated with the most popular tools. Missing anything special?
Just let us know - we can integrate Simply CRM with (almost) anything!

simply crm integrates with outlook
Simply CRM integrates with Google Apps
Simply CRM integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
Simply CRM integrates with econom
Simply CRM integrates with winfinans
Simply CRM integrates with Magento
Simply CRM integrates with Mailchimp
Simply CRM integrates with Mandrill
Simply CRM integrates with Sendgrid
Simply CRM integrates with Snapengage
Simply CRM integrates with Wordpress
Simply CRM integrates with Woocommerce

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