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Why Choose Simply CRM with Xero

Simply CRM creates a comprehensive dashboard with all your accounting information in one place. Our user-friendly system ensures you always have all your financial data within just a few clicks. Start making better business decisions with Simply CRM.

Two-way data

Still want to use Xero for your accounting team but need a financial overview in your CRM? No problem, our integration syncs both ways to ensure your team always has the latest information.

Automatic data refresh

Our system allows you to stay up to date at all times. Just enable automatic syncs and you’ll always know where your finances stand. You can also update your dashboards and reports manually, whenever necessary

Easy collaboration

Get your entire team onboard to streamline collaborative efforts and generate better overviews. Share contacts, leave comments, track changes and much more. Only in Simply CRM.

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Automate tasks

Simply CRM offers powerful workflow automations that will enable you to automate much of your accounting work. Let us handle your emails, set up reminders, generate invoices and send alerts. Make every second of your time count by automating repetitive and boring tasks.

Custom reports and analytics

Use our premade templates or create your own reports in Simply CRM. Gain deeper insight into how your business operates and the cost-benefits analysis of every move you make. Track your performance over time and generate clear and concise reports.

Multi-currency system

Unlike Hubspot and other competitors, Simply CRM provides you with a mutli-currency system that integrates with Xero - free of any charge. Generate invoices and reports in your customer’s preferred currency at all times.

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What you get with Simply CRM and Xero

24/7 local support

If you ever encounter issues with our system, rest assured our support team is ready to help. Available 24/7 and in your local language.

Beginner-friendly system

If you ever encounter issues with our system, rest assured our support team is ready to help. Available 24/7 and in your local language.

All-in-one dashboard

Stop losing time checking different apps and programs. Integrate everything into Simply CRM for a comprehensive overview of your entire business.

Payment tracking

With Simply CRM, you’ll never lose track of any payments. Follow each transaction from start to finish through our Xero module.

Not using Xero? No problem for Simply CRM! Our system integrates with a wide variety of apps to provide the best possbile experience to our users

simply crm integrates with outlook
Simply CRM integrates with Google Apps
Simply CRM integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
Simply CRM integrates with econom
Simply CRM integrates with winfinans
Simply CRM integrates with Magento
Simply CRM integrates with Mailchimp
Simply CRM integrates with Mandrill
Simply CRM integrates with Sendgrid
Simply CRM integrates with Snapengage
Simply CRM integrates with Wordpress
Simply CRM integrates with Woocommerce

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